Written clearly, thoughtfully and practically, Reiki, Pure and Simple is the ideal book for those looking for a straightforward, all-round introduction to Reiki.   As well as explaining how Reiki works, how to best use it, and what benefits to expect, Elaine also takes you through the remarkable healing journey of many other practitioners and clients, presenting quantitative data and key findings gleaned from an international Reiki survey carried out in 2010.

87% of people noticed more peace after Reiki
80% noticed more happiness
80% experienced less stress

A great believer in the power of Reiki as a self-healing tool, Elaine firmly and convincingly argues her case here, backed by strong supporting evidence.  It is Elaine’s hope that, as holistic and conventional medicine continue to converge, with Reiki gaining greater acceptance in the medical profession, hospitals, emergency rooms, and care homes, we will all benefit from a more complete and effective way of taking care of our health and wellness.

Book Reviews:

Reiki Pure and Simple is a tender plea for integrating Reiki in your daily life, allowing you to live a loving and conscious life, and be transformed by the blessings from above.
Frank Arjava Petter,
Author of five Reiki Books including “Reiki Fire” and “The Spirit of Reiki”

It is hard to demystify the mysterious without losing something in the process. Happily, Reiki Pure and Simple lives up to its title. Informing, entertaining and touching our hearts, Elaine leaves us very much wanting to experience Reiki for ourselves.
Esther Veltheim,
Author, “Beyond Concepts” and “Who Am I?”

In the very near future every physician will need to be able to talk about Reiki and explain what it is. To reach such a goal it takes work like Elaine Hamilton Grundy’s book. Her quantitative and factual account is enriched by warm humanity honouring an old tradition in the modern world.
René Vögtli,
President of RIO, Reiki-international.org

Elaine Grundy’s conversational style, peppered with many real-life experiences from Reiki practitioners together with carefully researched material, takes the reader through an enlightening journey down the path of understanding Reiki.
Fiona Koh
Corporate Leadership Trainer

Reiki Pure and Simple is very clear and concise, I liked the fact it uses qualitative research whilst also acknowledging that Reiki is like gravity – we know it is there even if we can’t see it.
Angela Ryan
Human Resources Director

If you ever wanted to know how Reiki works, why Reiki works and why it is the most extraordinary thing … Elaine Hamilton Grundy has the answers. A fascinating and accessible read; even for those new to this ancient practice.
Katherine Wildman

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