When I was 18, I went on a course run by the Landmark foundation and it changed my life.  I was the one whose hand shot up when the facilitator asked “Is there anyone here who can’t catch?”  All my life I had been the one picked last for any type of ball sports, I knew I had this one in the bag.  The facilitator looked at me and said “all I want you to do is tell me which way the ball is turning – clockwise or anti-clockwise”…obviously, I caught the ball with ease.

I bawled my eyes out for 20 minutes after my miracle catch, what else had I falsely thought was a ‘fact’ in my life?  What other opportunities had gone flying past me?  What else was I missing?  From there began my (very) slow reach for greater understanding and enlightenment, what else am I missing?

When I was 25 I was so fortunate in being introduced to Reiki.  Another major turning point in my life in that I now had a self-healing system and a way to not only manage my health but my overall wellness.  I spent over a decade in corporate life, starting off in advertising, moving to market research, and finally into training and coaching.  Throughout this time I was teaching Reiki during my weekends and evenings, thrilled at having the opportunity to balance Corporate with Spiritual.  I spent 5 years being a trailing spouse as my hubbie and I explored New York and England, popping out two delightful children along the way, before arriving back in Singapore and deciding in 2007 to throw in the corporate towel and open the Reiki Centre.

Since then I have dedicated my ‘work’ to teaching Reiki.  It has been an ongoing unfolding process.  Reiki means universal life force and is infinitely deepening in its teaching.  I am still learning and deepening in my practice and for that I am eternally grateful.  I am passionate about Reiki as it has played such a significant role in my life but I am also grateful to the amazing teachings of Byron Katie, the law of attraction, Brian Weiss Past Life Regression and Adyashanti, and often share these tools during my workshops.

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