You are what you focus on

You are what you focus on

We are going through a time of amplification – whether you see it in your Reiki journey, social media viral information, fake news, the ‘ascension of our carbon to crystalline’ bodies, the shift in global consciousness, or just ‘shit happening’ – the amplification is undeniable.

Amplification is good and bad, it really depends what you choose to focus on. Now, more than ever, this has become very important. However, I am going to go out on a limb here and say your old tools probably are not going to work that well, for much longer.

The amplification I am talking about is going to overwhelm your mind’s ability to go back to the good old-fashioned law of attraction or spiritual practices you are used to utilizing. 1000 chants, your favourite visualization techniques, and your vision board are no longer sufficient – why?

We are moving deeper.
We are moving closer.
We are waking up.
And when you wake up, what do you see? Goodness, I am ONE. I am me, and you, and everything. It is all illusion.

So what will chanting do? What will imagination do? What will law of attraction actually DO? It will make the small ‘me’ feel good, the separate ‘me’, the ‘me’ that wants to keep control. But when you wake up you see the futility of all that, how that small ‘me’ is fighting to stay alive, but also how ridiculous it is. The tightness ‘me’ clings to, is no longer valid or wanted.

When you wake up you crave peace and connection – and not just with the nice good stuff – with ALL of it. You crave connection with all your suffering, all your bad thoughts stuffed into your basement, all the parts of yourself you didn’t want to admit you had. All those ugly, bad bits. You crave connection with it all. And you will start to move towards it, deliberately.

Of course you may not realize this, it will just seem like everyone is pushing your buttons, you are angry and irritated with everyone – it’s all their fault. The world is going to shit (that’s their fault too). Your ego will scream at you for allowing all this and you will strengthen your defenses – more barriers, more tightness…it’s going to get pretty uncomfortable in that little container you call your body 😉 And you’ll just aggravate your negativity 10 fold, and it will feel like you are moving further away, not closer, to your true self.

But if you do feel like this, congratulations! How long have you skirted around the edges of your negative thought patterns? Ohming them away? How long have you convinced yourself that positive thinking will alleviate the need to delve into the basement of your ugliness? This time of amplification is a great bonus if you stay focused on what you want to achieve.

If you just want to achieve positive good things, then sorry, its going to get super painful – because, let’s state the obvious here, we are both dualities, we are positive and negative – we have good thoughts and bad thoughts, we do good things, and bad things – if you cannot give them all an equal place in yourself, you will be forever at war, or at least in deep deep repression. It takes an awful lot of energy to keep the basement door shut, especially in amplification time!

If you have woken up, or peeked your eyes open, and seen the connectedness of everything, then your focus needs to be on all your internal triggers. Go inwards and sit with the pain, the blame, the buttons – be willing to look. When something in you gets amplified, instead of blaming the person who triggered you, look at the thought pattern in you that triggers. Be gentle with your thoughts, they were probably created in a time when you where much younger and needed them. All thought patterns are valid, but not necessarily useful anymore. So check it out, see if they are still valid, still helpful. Move closer, not away. Invite these triggers in, see what you discover, be willing to sit with not doing anything. Accept. Ah, I have this thought, its ugly, and I have it, when I believe it I feel crap, when I just look at it, how do I feel?

But don’t dwell – accept. These are two very different concepts. To dwell on your triggers is to relive the incidents and thought patterns time and time again, round and round, it is a purely mental process – and is pointless and a waste of energy. Acceptance is the simple seeing of the thought, ah, it is there. OK. Simply accepting fully – it is here. And when I believe it, I feel bad. When I don’t believe it, when I just look, all is well, in fact, I feel peaceful. Play with this edge, it is very simple but requires great discipline. Watch how the ego tries to pull you into discussion, blame, another thought, another emotion. But just rest in the watching – I have this thought, OK. All is well.

This time of amplification is a great gift, you are being shown things very clearly, they are coming up and out of your body and mind to be seen. It’s very easy right now, nothing is hidden. So take advantage of this gift, don’t squander it with resistance and blame. See what is coming up, and be disciplined to look without adding or subtracting. Stay present to the inner sense of self, the one that watches. The only thing you need to discover is what full acceptance feels like. This is the gift of amplification – everything is highlighted for you to see, it’s all underlined with highlighter pen!

Can you integrate the simple lesson of this time; ‘I am not my thought’, ‘I am only affected when I believe this thought’, ‘Thought creates emotion’, ‘I am timeless, untouched, eternal’.

Can you see it?

photo credit: Moschell Eastern Blue Bird via photopin (license)