What is your goal?

What is your goal?

Often in personal growth there is a great deal of confusion in apparently conflicting advice and instructions. I think a lot of this is to do with the variety of different levels we can work towards in our personal development, and what our personal goals are. There is a big difference in someone who is only interested in perfecting the body to someone who is interested in enlightenment. And the instructions or values they hold will be very different. We also get muddled in trying to use tools that are helpful in developing the body/mind/spirit versus those used to delve into the enlightened realm of ‘no-thought’.

To give an example, someone who is primarily concerned with the body will be pre-occupied with health, exercise, body fitness, diet and illness. Someone primarily concerned with emotional/mental states will be looking at healing belief systems, mental wellbeing, psychology and past trauma. They will also be looking at the mind and imagination to expand and create a better future with tools such as law of attraction and guided meditations. Someone looking at spiritual development will be pre-occupied with other realms, psychic abilities, energy and aura readings and spiritual practices and rituals. None of these are better or worse than the other, and most of us oscillate between all three in our endeavor to become more ‘balanced’.

All of the tools to assist and develop these concerns are equally valid and help people effectively at different points of their growth and interest – often resulting in an overall increase in wellbeing and feelings of peace and happiness. And this is often enough for the vast majority of people and they rest here, or at least strive for a ‘betterment’ based on one or more of these goals – better body/mind or spiritual health. And this is perfectly OK and fine.

Others of us have a different calling to keep digging. If you are one of these people, none of the rules above apply, and neither do the tools. So if you are called to keep digging, you must relinquish ALL tools, beliefs and structures. And I mean ALL of them. To be enlightened is to wake up from the dream of the soul – to wake up from the body/mind/spirit connection that makes a ‘separate’ anything. To wake up from the need to ‘better’ anything. To wake up to the truth that you are it. ALL of it. The body, the mind, the soul, time, space, universe, other souls, all thoughts, all beliefs, trees, earth, planets, disease….you are it, there is no other, there is no ‘better’.

It’s very seductive (trust me, I know) to grow into a sexier belief – a ‘more advanced’ spiritual quest that sends you spinning off into a new egoic World of Grandeur, a new lease of life and a new life purpose – all very exciting! But essentially there is no difference in being pre-occupied with how well you can carry off that hot pink dress to being drawn into a life long obsession with awakening your kundalini – both are fine, in fact, but don’t kid yourself that one is better or more worthwhile than the other.

If you are digging, be very careful what you are digging. Are you releasing beliefs, or replacing them? Is there less going on in your mind, or more? Are you experiencing more silence, or fabricating elaborate stories? Watch out for the seductive draw of drama. Silence is, after all, pretty boring 😉 But if enlightenment is your goal, boring is a very important door to go through….boredom shows you you are close, very close. Be still, be silent, and wake up to yourself.

Or not.…you’ll rock the hot pink dress, either way 😉

photo credit: Raymond.Ling.43 Silent 2 ● Jökulsárlónn via photopin (license)