Tired of Searching?

Tired of Searching?

Over the past 20 years of searching for more peace and happiness in my life I have learnt, experienced, and practiced many many different modalities of healing.  Each has its place, and each has value in its ability to clean the mirror.  But eventually the truth needs to be seen, we are not the reflection we are busy polishing, we are what is doing the polishing.  After two decades of working on my ‘stuff’, peeling back the ‘onion layers’ it struck me with immense clarity a few years ago that the stuff and the layers goes on ad nauseum…it is an impossible task, we will never, ever clean it all away to uncover the pearl…there will always be more stuff.

A different angle all together is to accept the stuff, all of it, and become aware of presence/ consciousness/ peace that appears to be watching the polishing.  The part of us that is always awake, even when we are asleep.  The part of us that is totally at peace with it all.  Even in writing this, it is difficult to explain, but let’s imagine that all of our suffering is caused by our thoughts.  When you are not thinking, are you suffering? We have an amazing tool in Reiki in that it brings us to an equilibrium, many of you attest to the fact that Reiki brings greater peace and calm to your life, but have you investigated this deeper? What is this peace? Where does it come from?

For many of us – and this is hard to admit – the drama and excitement of our thoughts is much more captivating than the stillness required to investigate our own inner peace. It requires you to put down your dramas, you righteousness, your wrongedness, your who-did-what-to-you-ness, and to simply accept its all fine, its not important. Life has nothing to do with your internal drama; life couldn’t care less about your rampant thoughts, and its only you doing it to you anyway.

If you find this a funny thought, and not a devastating one, then you have also been polishing the mirror for far to long. Perhaps it’s time for a different approach; one that doesn’t involve thinking. Who would you be without your thoughts? Now that’s an experience worth pursuing.

Elaine offers a limited number of personal sessions for people ready to look beyond the drama of their thoughts.  Through the use of Reiki we can lift the veil of the thinking mind and experience the peace beyond our thoughts.  All the peace and happiness we seek is right under our noses, but only if we are ready to stop the attachment to our drama and to our ‘rightness’.  These sessions will not ‘fix’ or ‘change’ anything, but will allow you to experience greater acceptance and peace with your life, as it is, right now.


photo credit: steffen# Massanei forest via photopin (license)