Discover your capacity for inner healing. Elaine offers personal Reiki sessions, Past Life Regression therapy and/or facilitation through the Work of Byron Katie.  Wednesday/Thursday 10am, or 12noon.

SMS 9660 4893 with your preferred date/time – my calendar is below.

$190 per 90min session,
One Heart, 37 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423580

Reiki Healing

We begin with a brief discussion on what you would like to gain deeper insights into, if anything.  Some people come to Reiki for specific healing/insights, others come for an energy ‘bath’ and reboot.  The following hour is then dedicated to a Reiki healing where you may feel warmth, tingling, and enter a deep state of relaxation/meditation.  After the hour we will debrief and I will share any insights.  I usually recommend 3 sessions for someone new to Reiki.

Past Life Regression

We will begin with some specific questions on what you would like insight into; a focused query is usually more powerful than a general curiosity, it brings more relevance to the past life.  I will begin the session with a brief Reiki technique to relax and open your energy system, and then guide you into a deeper state of relaxation and past life journey.  It may take a few sessions to really gain the benefits of this therapy.

Byron Katie Inquiry

This is essentially a facilitation session using the tools developed by Byron Katie, you will come with a particular stressful incident/relationship/issue that you are ready to unravel and I will help you to stay focused.  The mind will continue to create stories and justifications so this is only for those who really want to see the truth and are ready to let go fully of the pain.

Please see my calendar below for upcoming availability. Please sms 9660 4893 with your preferred time/ date and email contact, it is also useful for me to know which therapy you are interested in exploring.