Just like in traditional psychotherapy, when traumas are remembered, symptoms are alleviated.  The remembering of “just short moments of previous lives” is often enough to give the person insight into his or her present life and to open that person’s mind.  In general, people get what they are ready to change during the session, how large or deep a shift is really up to how open and willing you are to let go.

I first came across Brian Weiss over ten years ago in New York and sat in a group regression he was doing in a room of over 700 people.  I was astounded at the result I got.  I was a skeptic but could not deny the experience I had of being a nun in 18th Century France.  It was surreal to me that I could pin point who I was, what I was doing, and most remarkably get in touch with feelings and beliefs I had in my life today that had always puzzled me.

Whether you believe in the classical past life experience or something more nebulous, it is without doubt that we carry a lot of baggage around that is not our own – it may come from our parents, our ancestors, our past life memories, but thousands of people who undergo this therapy of remembering past lives do receive remarkable release and healing.

I offer Past Life regression groups as a healing, but also as an expansion of what we think is true – it can be remarkable to come across yourself hundreds of years ago, and see how the lessons you didn’t learn then, you are now faced with again.  It can also be wonderfully affirming to see lost loved ones again and to know we are never separated for long.

Some sessions provide an instant healing and shift, others require more time and patience.  Some people experience vivid and dramatic past life visions, for others it is more a felt sense that something is gently settling.  Brian himself talks about his long practice (daily for 2 months) in order to experience his first past life, yet others (including myself) have spontaneous experiences very easily and randomly.

To try it out for yourself you may consider trying my group regression, these are easily accessible ‘test’ points and very low cost.  With regular practice and an open mind I believe we can all access past life memories and benefit from this extraordinary modality.