Learning Reiki for yourself is an essential step in self-empowerment and taking  healing into your hands.


Past Life

Unlock and release ancient patterns of beleif and behaviour with this remarkable therapy.


Byron Katie

Working with destructive or limiting beliefs and releasing them through simple but powerful inquiry.



A true teacher of Enlightenment, just sit and discover the truth. The astonishing journey of inner peace.


living an enlightened life

Over many years of exploring the field of personal growth I have come across some wonderful therapies and teachers. I share my favourites with you here. I am a Reiki Teacher first and foremost, but I also love to explore, play and extend myself in different directions – after all – all paths lead to the same ultimate summit if followed thoroughly enough.

About Elaine

The Reiki Centre’s focus is on high quality Reiki education, we have over 10 teachers in Singapore and many others internationally

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I work out of One Heart, a wonderful space in Joo Chiat.  We co-create using a variety of different modalities.

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What I offer

Workshops & Classes

Interested in trying something new? I run a variety of different classes from Reiki, Past Life Groups, Adyashanti meditations, Byron Katie introductions and Kundalini Yoga.

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Personal Sessions

Working one on one gives us time to work on specific issues and areas that concern you. We can work with Reiki healing, Past life regression, and intuitive coaching.

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Online Training

Learn Reiki online, it’s extremely comprehensive and gives you freedom to work at your own pace.

Also online are downloadable meditations and free resources.
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Latest Posts

You are what you focus on

We are going through a time of amplification – whether you see it in your Reiki journey, social media viral information, fake news, the ‘ascension of our carbon to crystalline’[…]

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What is your goal?

Often in personal growth there is a great deal of confusion in apparently conflicting advice and instructions. I think a lot of this is to do with the variety of[…]

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The ‘How To’ of Meditation

Meditation is the act of ‘doing nothing’ and is in itself a paradox, how can we ‘do’ nothing?  The answer, of course, is we can’t.  The mind cannot comprehend actually[…]

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