How To Choose the ‘Right’ Reiki Master

How To Choose the ‘Right’ Reiki Master

Luckily with a healing energy like Reiki, the Reiki Master best suited to your needs usually appears at the right time, in the right place, kooky as that may sound. I have had so many students say to me: “Well it is such a coincidence! I’ve been thinking about Reiki for years but never enrolled in a class, and then I saw your brochure and just HAD to come to this talk”. Why the attraction? Who knows (and who cares!)?

So Rule Number One in finding the ‘Right’ Reiki Master:
Trust Your Intuition, or more simply, go with the one you Like the Best!

And yes, definitely shop around. There are many Reiki Masters to choose from so there is no need to settle for the one who lives closest or is priced the cheapest. Meet them, talk to them, feel the vibe. Do you like this person? Do you feel a connection?

All of us come to Reiki from a different perspective, a different life journey and a different stage in our own personal development. Every Reiki Master has a unique energy and a unique way of activating Reiki in you. There is NO good, better, best about it. Every Reiki Master contributes to the entire Reiki pool by providing a unique specialism. For example, I teach in a grounded, ‘down to earth’ way with manuals and discussion around the physics of energy. I attract business-like people or people who are entering the holistic world for the first time – I seem to provide comfort in the fact I am not too ‘weird’! Other Reiki Masters I know and deeply respect provide a more etheric quality to the Reiki they teach – they don’t necessarily provide manuals, they prefer to ‘feel’ the energy rather than discuss it, and they may attract people already well versed with Holistic methodology and looking for something totally experiential.

You know where you are on your own personal journey, which is why it is important for you to make a choice based primarily on whether the Reiki Master feels good as opposed to looks good.

What about the credentials? Yes, of course they play a part, but only if it actually matters to you. I am going to touch on some of the different qualities below but please remember, they are for information only (when in doubt, remember Rule No. 1!)

Rule Number Two: Not all Classes are created Equal.

The Reiki Masters length and quality of training will dictate their own length and quality of teaching. Again, this may not matter if the Master can give you what you need in other areas. It may be their own level of personal development is at exactly the right level, or it may be that they can teach you other things not specifically related to Reiki. However, it is worth being aware that there is a large difference in the way the applications of Reiki are taught (especially at Level 2 and above), and so it is worth investigating if your preferred Reiki Master has the level of knowledge you would like. Some Reiki Masters teach Reiki 1,2 and Masters over one weekend, others teach Reiki 1 over a weekend, Reiki 2 over another weekend, and Masters over a Year. What is the difference in the knowledge you will receive at the end? That is a question that may be worth asking. But more importantly, what level of classroom training is important to you?

Rule Number Three: Forget the Pricing

As you are probably aware, there is a huge disparity in the pricing of Reiki Classes; from Free to Exorbitant! Pricing has more to do with the Reiki Master’s preference then the actual quality of the Reiki teaching. Reiki in itself is free, as universal energy we have no right to ‘sell’ it. However each Reiki Master has had to invest time and/or money in order to train to become a Master, and for many it is a source of living income. Reiki Masters charge for their time, and as such it varies greatly!

Some Reiki Masters also have marketing costs, venue costs, co-ordinator costs etc to cover. It would seem fair that a Reiki Master teaching out of a Health Centre or classroom charges more than a Reiki Master teaching from home. Some Reiki Masters feel strongly that their time and energy should be free, whilst others feel that their time and energy is a valuable commodity, and as such there should be an exchange.

Again, it is a matter of personal preference when it comes to aligning yourself with either of these philosophies.

Rule Number Four: Does Your Spiritual Philosophy Jive?

As Reiki is Universal Energy you are hitting the age old question when you ask ‘well where does Reiki originate from?’ The answer you receive will be as varied as the different spiritual philosophies which abound. Does Reiki come from the Universe, from God, or from Aliens? Good question! What does your Reiki Master think? It will be a lot easier for you to connect if you have the same philosophy in life. Sci Fi fanatics rest assured, there is someone out their teaching Reiki just for you! Jive with the Reiki Master’s philosophy and passion and you will be in for a fun seminar. Go to a devoutly Christian Reiki Master as a stoic Atheist and you are in for a hard weekend. Some Reiki Masters teach with no philosophical bias, others have a strong one, choose the one which best meets your needs.

Rule Number Five: Don’t try this at Home Folks

Pleeeese don’t try to learn Reiki by your self out of a book or through the internet! It is just not possible to give yourself Reiki without a Reiki Master present to attune you to the Reiki energy.

And Finally:
To sum it all up, trust your intuition and go with the Reiki Master you like, the one who feels most ‘right’ to you, and the one that you think you will enjoy spending a weekend with. The rest, quite honestly, will take care of itself!