Elaine Grundy

Dropping your ‘stuff’ is an instantaneous thing

July 31, 2016 Awareness Personal Growth Stress Management 0
old baggageI’ve had afew experiences recently of clients simply ‘dropping’ years worth of ‘stuff’ in one session.  And I wanted to remind you all that carrying burdens is optional, and dropping it takes seconds.  When you let go of a heavy suitcase you drop it immediately, it doesn’t hang around your fingers as you release – its done in an instant.
I’m not saying its easy, haha, of course not, but we do tend to hang on to stuff by not letting go.  We feed it with tons of thinking, we talk about it with others and share the stuff around, we spend ridiculous amounts of time and money asking others to take the stuff away from us.  Yet when you reflect on all the times you have actually succeeded in releasing old stuff – its a fairly spontaneous thing.  There is a degree of readiness and openness required, and when you are not in that space there is no point looking at your fingers screaming ‘let go goddammit’ – it happens when it happens.
My advice is to work on the readiness and openness, and let the stuff drop on its own – that in my experience has gotten me much further than efforting.  Work on your openness, crack open all those tight control freak thoughts, work on flexibility (both mental and physical), work on your energy levels, keep allowing energy to flow through you.  As you challenge yourself to be more and more open, the rest will take care of itself, its simply a natural movement towards equilibrium.
When you are open you are much more likely to be attracted to workshops and teachers that invite you to release.  When I think about my big releases it is usually a surprize – I’ll be in a workshop, maybe an intense yoga retreat, maybe just sitting in meditation, often when I am sending Reiki to issues, sometimes simply talking to someone casually over coffee – but in all cases my mind is wide open, and usually I am not actually trying to ‘let go’ of anything, I’m simply in a good space for something to pop in – an ‘ahha’ moment or just a sense of relief – but its always a ‘happening’ rather than an ‘efforting’.
Life is constantly flowing through us, and like water, it looks for least resistance.  Efforting and control set up energetic blocks and resistance that life force finds difficult to penetrate – its like the fingers curling tightly around the suitcase.  Being open and flexible allows us to notice the fingers, and notice the tension.  When we see it, its the ‘ahha’ moment – “Oh!  I’m holding on to this old suitcase!”  And in that instance we relax, open our fingers, and drop the burden, just like that.  When we effort we keep staring at the suitcase “Why is it still here?  Why can’t I let it go?  Why did someone give this to me?”  We are so focused on the suitcase that we fail to see our fingers curled tightly around the handle.
So focus less on the actual troubles and issues, and more on your own readiness.  Are you relaxed, accepting, open?  Or are you closed, controlling and thinking?  Just relax, and then see what happens.

photo credit: Woman holding suitcases on a dirt road 1 via photopin (license)