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Dropping your ‘stuff’ is an instantaneous thing

I’ve had afew experiences recently of clients simply ‘dropping’ years worth of ‘stuff’ in one session.  And I wanted to remind you all that carrying burdens is optional, and dropping it takes seconds.  When you let go of a heavy suitcase you drop it immediately, it doesn’t hang around your fingers as you release –…
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July 31, 2016 0

Beating Stress From The Inside Out

Press Release New Singapore survey findings shine light on ways to reduce stress Singapore, 12th January 2012: With Chinese New Year just around the corner, many families are underway with planning their celebrations to welcome in the Year of The Rabbit. Although enjoyable to many, arranging such events can be challenging and stressful for others.…
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January 20, 2011 0

I’m in Pain…is that True?

Here’s a tip I have just discovered, pain is not all it seems!  Katie is fond of asking her clients, as they sit there writhing in anger …”You are angry…is that true?”  Her suggestion to us all is that we have our emotions so well labeled we don’t ever check to see if they are…
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January 14, 2010 1