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How God Changes Your Brain

Is that a good title for a book, or what?  I was recommended this book by Andrew Newberg, M.D. by a wonderful woman,  Eugenia, who teaches meditation and yoga.  I was looking for a book to describe why Meditation is good for you in more scientific terms and this book is written by a neuroscientist…
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January 2, 2011 0

Power vs Force, Recallibrating Thoughts vs Controlling Them

I picked up the book “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins, MD PhD, to read again a few weeks ago, and was blown away by the ‘newness’ of the information. It was as if I had never read it before (this is the THIRD time I have read this book). This revelation alone is prompting…
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August 2, 2009 0

Looking at Solution Focused Coaching!

I’ve just completed part 1 of the Solution Focus coaching certification run by the Academy of Solution Focused Training and I LOVE the concepts. I have been using them at home and on unsuspecting passer-bys with great success!  The general idea is extremely simple: to start with the end in mind.  Is that a massive…
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June 9, 2009 0

Why are you Remarkable?

I went to a wonderful talk by Natasha Golding, of PrettySmart and although she was talking about Websites, her nuggets are worth noting for anything we do and stand for.  Her three questions can form the basis of any self-enquiry whether it be on 'how do I market my business' to 'what is my Life…
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May 12, 2009 0

Rupert Sheldrake – The Extended Mind

I have been recommended Rupert Sheldrake by two separate friends in the past month so thought I better check him out – wow! This guy rocks!  It’s long but very well worth it, fascinating.   Can you tell if someone is looking at you? In the Amsterdam Science Museum – over 20,000 people have participated…
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February 16, 2009 0

Love and Relationships by Katie Byron

This is a section of Katie’s Feb ‘Valentine’s newsletter, the woman is a treasure – take the time to read what Stephen, her partner, has to say about their first meeting – wonderful! If you say that you love your husband, what does that have to do with him? You’re just telling him who…
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February 9, 2009 0