Category: Breaking Habits

How Road Rage showed me the way

I have long learnt that the little irritations in life hold enormous lessons, so I am always very curious around them. I find that when you really sit with them, and not push them aside as silly or unimportant, they hold keys for great learning. For years now I have suffered from insane road rage,…
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January 30, 2016 0

All Decisions have 3 options – and all are fine.

Do you have those times when you really just don’t know which option to take?  You draw up your pros and cons list, you discuss with family and friends and you just seem to go round and round in circles?  Well, there is no need to panic really as there is no such thing as…
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April 1, 2014 0

Eating one mouthful at a time

A friend of mine gifted me a wonderful book by Ajahn Brahm, Opening the Door of your Heart, There are many lovely learning anecdotes in the book but one of them particularly struck me – being present, I quote directly from the book: “We often fail to savor the moment.  Instead, while we are chewing…
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August 3, 2009 0

The Benefits of Losing your Voice

I recently lost my voice, totally, and what a blessing it was! It came at the tail end of a short but sharp cold and it threw me into fits of coughing every time I opened my mouth. So for 2 days I could only whisper, but it was far more comfortable to just shut…
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May 5, 2009 1

The Excuses of “Self-Development”

We in the self-development field have to be extra vigilant that we don’t replace one rigid belief system, with another.  In our search for more peace, more happiness, we are programmed and trained to look outside of ourselves.  We look to our parents, to our friends, to our education, our job, our governments, our country,…
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December 4, 2008 0